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The Physique Formula podcast is about making gains, in life and the gym. This infotainment fitness and nutrition podcast will drop knowledge and humor and a little bit of science on everything from the paleo diet, to crossfit to anti-aging and longevity to nutrition.
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Physique Formula Podcast| Paleo, nutrition, longevity, crossfit, training


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Oct 25, 2016

Alison Held On Healing From Within and overcoming mental food triggers.


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We all experience stress.  Finding ways to deal with it, overcome it and transform it can help improve your well-being. It is a fact that stress contributes to headaches, ulcers, and sleep issues. Often your stress is an opportunity to learn and grow. When you are in it, it can be tough. When you can learn from it and move past it, it is truly miraculous!

When you are stressed it is often over a situation, person, diagnosis, medical condition, body pain, etc. There are many chemical reactions that can happen in your body.  One of the most well-known is the increase of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.  The overload of hormones that can happen as a result of stress have been shown to have far-reaching effects.  Unfortunately these effects have shown to contribute to a host of illnesses.

The stressful state seems impossible to get out of because it is over something that you just can not stop thinking about. The emotional attachment is monumental. You have lost control.

You can find ways to temporarily deal with it.  Going for a walk, talking with a friend, taking a bath, taking deep breaths, or surrounding yourself with something or someone you love are all ways we cope.

When you experience stress, you experience a state of disarray in both your body and mind. Being that your body and mind are connected, you can indeed help your body by working at the level of the mind.  Once the mind is ‘corrected’ you can then start to see how that impacts the rest of your body. One of the main processes that I use in my own life and with my clients, takes the negative impacts of stress and flips it on it’s head.