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The Physique Formula podcast is about making gains, in life and the gym. This infotainment fitness and nutrition podcast will drop knowledge and humor and a little bit of science on everything from the paleo diet, to crossfit to anti-aging and longevity to nutrition.
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Physique Formula Podcast| Paleo, nutrition, longevity, crossfit, training



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Jul 26, 2016

Today Adee Zukier from Working Against Gravity stops by to talk diets, Crossfit and how to really eat. We deep dive into the paleo diet, why you should enjoy your food while dieting and much more.

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Here's a article on about your metabolism, metabolic damage and fat loss

Let’s talk about your metabolism for a second.

Everything you’ve probably read or heard sounds something like this.

When you want to lose weight, you should eat less and exercise more. If you’re already exercising, do it more. If you’re not eating a lot, eat less.

That’s the same information passed down year after year. Sometimes it’s backed by a scientific theory of “calories in versus calories out”, that’s to say that is you take in less and do more, you’ll burn more.

Expect it doesn’t work but I’ll get to that in as second.

If you asked a group of trainer or nutritionist and even doctors, the following question “What’s the best diet to lose weight?”, you’d get a few different answers with some agreement across the board.

A section will agree that a good fat loss diet is all about the food and choosing good quality foods and eliminating sugar, trans fat and lowering starchy carbohydrates.

Another group will determine that your hormones control your fat loss so you should focus on eating foods that optimize your hormones like healthy fats such as olive oil and coconut oil but you should also lower your starchy carbohydrate intake to control the hormone insulin.

Lastly, you’ll likely have the calories group that tell you to pick a set calorie diet and follow that.

And of course you’ll have the folks that tell you to get on a specific diet like the paleo diet or the DASH diet.

And you know what? They ALL are missing the point.

When it comes to those of us who really want to lose fat while maintaining or muscle (looking good naked), we need a different approach.

If you were ask me about my “diet” I’d obviously point you to my Physique Formula book but here’s my general theory.

When it’s time to diet you want to diet on as MANY calories as possible while doing as little cardio as possible so that you can maintain your muscle and live an active life.

There’s no awards for suffering through hours in the gym or eating boiled chicken and steamed broccoli. This is not a game of who’s stronger or mentally tougher.

Because at some point during your diet, you’re going to need to adjust things so if you follow a 1500 calorie diet, where do you go? 1300 calories? Maybe you do another 20 minutes of cardio a day.

What happens when you hit ANOTHER plateau?

Jul 19, 2016

Rachel Balkovec, the first female Major League Strength and conditioning coach stops by to talk functional training, how she finds success and so much more.

Jul 6, 2016

Brian Mackenzie of I Am Unscared comes on the podcast to talk Crossfit, Rich Froning, training endurance and more.


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Your diet is too restrictive

There’s not one piece of fat loss science that suggests that you should deliberately remove or eliminate complete food groups. While it may be helpful to cut gluten, wheat, diary or fruit, there’s no reason, especially in the early stages of a diet, to completely remove these foods.

Too many people go all out too early in their diet then wonder why, after a few weeks, their fat loss has stalled. Under eating is just as harmful on your fat loss as over eating is. Especially if you train hard and need nutrients and calories to recover and maintain muscle. Remember, muscle is very metabolically expensive so you want to have enough incoming energy to retain it.

The only food groups you should restrict for the majority of your diet are empty calorie foods like sugars, flavored drugs and processed foods. The rest of the food should slowly be reduce then, possibly, removed completely.